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Television Commercials (TVC)

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TV commercials popularly known TV ads is still the medium to reach wide audience despite growing digital usage in the country, or any other developing country for that matter.

The prime motive of all the TV ads is to impact the customer purchase intention. There are various types of TV ads, but the article’s intention is not to enter into those nitty-gritty’s.

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In this article, we shall see if TV ads are doing something extra apart from just inducing that ‘top of mind recall’ into the audience.

Before going ahead what is ‘Top of mind recall’?

The image, sound, and name that comes to consumer’s mind when talked about products in a category.

Just as an example what comes to your mind when I say the word ‘selfie camera’? Most people will recall the brand ‘oppo’.

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There can be ‘n’ number of examples given to this. Getting to our prime question of ‘are they doing anything additional’? The answer is YES, we think so.

As per our analysis, we believe they are subconsciously inducing some unknown rules into consumers’ mind which tend to change buying/usage pattern.

Please note that we are not saying that it will lead a definite purchase. But yes these rules will play a role in consumers’ mindset subconsciously.