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VFX Studio - Editing Special Effects

The confusion begins with the job title: Visual Effects Editor. Just how does a person edit a visual effect?

Example of white locator

The VFX editor’s primary job is to communicate information between the VFX facility and the editing room. They also occasionally create temp VFX. Notice that I mentioned this second. Their main job is the former, which involves tracking shot information.

In my experience, there is an invisible line somewhere around 200 shots, below which it’s normal for the visual effects tracking to be handled by the assistant editor. My personal record on a movie is in the 300’s, which was maddening.

Not every show needs a VFX editor. They are only needed under two conditions: there are a large number of shots, and those shots are being done outside of the editing software that the project is being edited in. A show that is “VFX heavy” will hire someone early on. If you’re an assistant editor on a show with a VFX editor, this doesn't mean you get a pass. You’ll still need to communicate VFX information.